CEC Meeting

Meeting with collector exports
October 22, 2018
Meeting with the Honorable Minister of Defence Mr. Parvez Khattak
October 30, 2018

CEC Meeting

A meeting of APMIA executives was conducted in the chairmanship of Chairman, Mr. Mian Gulzar Ahmed and Zonal Vice Chairman APMIA, Mr. Muhammad Afzal Shahid including executive committee members, Mushtaq Ahmed, Farrukh Majeed, Asghar Khan Utmankhel, Shakir Ullah, Muhammad Sabir Khan, Ibaad Ali, Hazrat Younas, Mian Fazeelat Shah.

In this meeting following points were highlighted,

  1. i) Nominations for Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry elections to represent APMIA, which includes,
  2. a) Allauddin Marri for Executive Committee-FPCCI
  3. b) Muhammad Sabir Khan for General Body-FPCCI
  4. ii) It was also discussed that ap FPCCI is a very huge platform so the both nominated APMIA members of APMIA should also brief their targets visions to the executive committee for the betterment of stone sector.
  5. ii) APMIA representatives from different regions from Pakistan were given the responsibilities to manage local issues on behalf of APMIA, following are the members,
  6. a) Shakir Ullah – FATA
  7. b) Asghar Khan Utmankhel – Mardan
  8. c) Ibaad Ali – Jahangira, Nowshera
  9. d) Himat Shah – Peshawar
  10. e) Ghulam Qasim Alvi – Gujranwala

iii)        Chairman APMIA suggested that we should focus on one product a start working in the promotion of activities in international markets according to the international standards to attract the foreign investors. Majority members agreed to the Sunny Grey marble and Black, Tropical Grey & Lavender granite.

  1. iv) Zonal Vice Chairman APMIA told the quorum that we should exhibit in the international stone fairs and we should promote at least 7 o 8 items of Marble & Granite.

APMIA should participate in Stone Fair Asia, Karachi, Xiamen Stone Fair, China and Marmomac, Verona, Italy every year, so we can spread awareness to the international buyers regarding our local material and we can start work according to the market response including white, black and beige Marble.

Furthermore, he told the executive committee members that according to the tremendous potential of stone sector in Balochistan and KPK, many countries are interested to build a trade relation including America, Canada, Europe.

v)         Mr. Asghar Khan Utmankhel suggested that we should make a group of 15 to 20 members from every region, group will define their roles and responsibilities and give their recommendations on regular basis to the Chairman and Central Executive Committee APMIA. And we should also invite mine owners for the inclusion in this group.

Second meeting was held between Chairman APMIA and Mr. Zahid Maqsood Sheikh, CEO of Pakistan Stone development Company (PASDEC) regarding Marble City, Risalpur. Mr. Zahid Maqsood gave the briefing on marble city, Risalpur and assured that the project will complete till December, 2018.